5 Things your Wedding Photographer Wishes you Knew

A wedding

YOUR Wedding!  It is such a big day. Monumental. Tonnes of planning, emotion and dreams!

I know your biggest wish is to enjoy it! I know that. In 10 years I’ve met a lot of brides and grooms and have worked with over a hundred couples. Over times I’ve seen a few similarities. Here’s my take…


-1- RELAX  – You want to enjoy your day! You’ve been planning for months or years . You want to take time to be present in the moments. The morning of your day be sure to take a few moments just for you. Do yoga, deep breath, have a bath, make a cup of tea …whatever. The day will be full of many things to do; but don’t forget to relax. 



-2- Be REFRESHED– Be sure you get a good nights sleep. I know you want to be up till midnight decorating for the reception, but really; someone else can do it. You need some beauty sleep!    


-3- Be SPECIFIC – I know there are things you love and want to have captured. Tell me. Please!! I want to help capture your day the way you want to remember it. What is important ? The details, flowers, fleeting moments, an family heirloom,  candid embraces with a childhood friend, formal photo with your godmother??  Give me your top five must have photos; please think about it and tell me.  Please however, do not send me a Pinterest gallery with 500 images all tagged..love, must, want, need…etc. That crushes my creative flow and artistic process.


-4- Family Dynamics are always unique. You are not any different!  No one likes to talk about it but TRULY EVERY family has issues, quirks and idiosyncrasies.  If there was a family tragedy that affects who I might call into photos please tell me. If your uncle and dad will not have a photo together with you; that is fine, just let me know. All those little details and brief family histories are important to run over with me before the day so I am aware and do not cause any undue stress or strain.


-5- Finally  be sure to PLAN A LITTLE TIME in for you and your partner. Where just the two of you can escape and have time to be together, celebrate, have a private moment or two ALONE . Your wedding day is full of hustle and bustle; take a moment! You’ll be glad you did!

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