Staying Creative

Staying Creative for me … involves a lot of things. Self care. Time. An Idea.   Letting myself be on the list of things to do.  Throwing away the list. Being still. Walking. Following the rabbit trails in my heart and keeping promises to myself too.

Staying Creative for me is staying off pinterest.

Staying Creative for me is finding inspiration in the world around me.

These ARE things I do to keep my creative juices alive.  

But truthfully after a busy decade where I ran non -stop from one job to another and then edited into the night, sometimes rest is the best medicine in order to continue to be creative into the future. A Rest, a break, time to refresh. There are only so many items I can cram into a day before at one point it is overflowing yet empty at the same time.

After a time it is good to put myself on the list again and create….just for me!


Even in looking for images to add to this post it made my heart sink a little as I could only find 2 that were taken in the last month and the rest were from last winter. I know winter is my favorite season, but I need to not wait until winter to put myself on the list. Creatives, PUT YOURSELF ON THE LIST. Create! Be Inspired.  Find new things to see…even in the same place. Be adventurous! Explore.  

I want a child like wonder again.  What do you do to keep the juices flowing?  How do you care for your creative spirit?

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