~Staying Inspired~

Choosing to stay inspired… vs…Finding Inspiration

Sometimes (often) Inspiration for me comes from a change. It is so easy to get complacent. Tired .  “Busy” (it really is a state of mind and a compulsion many times in our North American society) . People relish in being busy and having a full calendar…myself included. 

A Change of place and visiting somewhere new.

A Theme or project to work on to keep my focus 

Lately I’ve been inspired by colour, cloth and movement.


Here are some things I do to try and keep my inspiration and stay fresh

  1. STAY OFF Pinterest!  Pinterest is a creativity KILLER! It sucks my life, time and soul right OUT of me! (sorry Tim- my friend who adores this site)
  2. Go somewhere new...a new country is always fun..but can be expensive. Take a new route to work. Drive on a new road. Find a place you’ve never hiked before. Go to an art gallery or borrow an art book from the library. Go to a concert (especially if it is an artist you’ve not heard of before 🙂 
  3. Try a different art form.  Explore painting, watercolour, charcoal sketching, pilates, yoga, dance, writing, sewing, cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting, paper crafts, origami , explore music with a new instrument or ask a friend to help you…. Try something you’ve not done before!
  4. Get enough sleep and drink enough water!  Yes, I know… that is not creative. But honestly, if you are tired or dehydrated…THEN you will not be as creative!  


#Stayinspired friends!

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  • Beautiful!!

  • Alyssa, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by your visual art. It is full of life, dramatic in colour and place. I feel carried by the movement as I imagine myself as the one in the photos. You are a an artist extraordinaire!

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