You are what?

So, you are engaged. CONGRATS!!


You’re looking for a photographer… hmm now what??


Questions I would ask the photographer if I were getting married again!

  I’m sure it is a day you have been dreaming of for a long while. The dress, flowers, your friends, a LIFE partner…of course! You’ve contacted a venue and a photographer…now what?

Once you have contacted a photographer, or a few,  set up a meeting.

Ask to see samples of complete weddings.  

Almost anyone can get a few good shots from one wedding; but you should ask to see one they have done from start to finish.


I know with a wedding there are a million decisions to make and figure out. You need a colour scheme, a place, an oficient, food, guests, flowers, best people to stand up with you…, make-up,  thank you gifts, menu, jewelry…and the list goes on and on! It must seem potentially never ending at times! However, what you have that lasts are the photos.

Your memories last and photos help you remind you of the day and people who came to celebrate with you.

It is like a time capsule of moments frozen in time.

Top 5 Questions to ASK the photographer.

Do you have back up gear if something malfunctions and insurance? Do you have a back-up plan if you get sick?  How long have you been in the industry? What do they love most about weddings? (Hint: That is what they will do the best!) How often do they back up images onto another computer, cloud, external drive etc?


5 Shooting Styles of photographers

There are several styles that photographers can fall into. However, one is generally their dominant and the one they showcase most. Over the last 9 years in the industry I’ve seen many fall into the following five categories

-Details  – Couples – Posed & Family photos –Artistic  – Candid

Details– the little things and attention to detail like knick-knacks, lace from Granny’s dress, stray hairs and crooked ties

Couples– Your intimate newly wed photos. You as a couple!

Posed and Family photos– Fun and engaging or smile say cheese.

Candids- Granny kissing you on the cheek, girlfriends laughing, tear in Dad’s eye or twinkle in your groom’s eye.

Artistic – Off camera flash, edgy lighting, pulling you outside at sunset, different angles and more artistic flare.

You want to make sure that the items that are important to you are also in-line with your photographer. If you love the little details and have spend ten years collecting colourful glass bottles, sea glass, lacy bits from family members used to create your dress…. and they do not get one single picture of them because their style is about the guests and candid moments then you will be disappointed.


After all, this is one of the most thought about days in your life. One day that you have invested time, energy and cold hard cash into and you want to be able to enjoy it and simply trust that you and your photographer know each other well enough that it will be great!

When choosing a photographer the single most important thing is to feel like you can jive together. Click. Have a connection. Be sure you can talk together and share ideas as well as trust them to preserve your day.  Below is me in the middle with Mrs and Mrs S 🙂 

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